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Update Dec, 2009

In response to concerns expressed by the national performing arts community, the USCIS has reinstated the ability of a petitioner to file a single petition for artists coming to the U.S. for an itinerary of events with multiple arts organizations. A November 20, 2009 USCIS memo offers some clarification for petitioners. While several questions remain unanswered, Dance USA recommends the following guidance to immediately assist petitioners:

If an artist plans to travel to the U.S. for multiple engagements, and a single U.S. organization is submitting the visa petition, the petition must be carefully assembled to satisfy new USCIS requirements. The petitioner does not have to demonstrate that they normally serve as "an agent" outside of the petition process. Instead, per USCIS, a statement signed by the various venues included in the petition may establish that the petitioner is authorized to act as agent for the limited purpose of filing the petition with USCIS.” Dance USA on December 16, 2009.

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